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Pokémon Go's PVP Battle League preseason has kicked off

High-level trainers can jump into the preseason trials now with access rolled out to other players soon.

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Pokémon Go players around the world can look forward to finally jumping into the highly requested online player-versus-player tournament mode. Nicknamed the "Go Battle League", it brings forward an easy way for trainers to compete with each other on a seasonal basis with rankings and rewards to boast about.

Announced via one of Niantic's blogposts, Go Battle League will be gradually rolled out to high-level trainers first for a preseason trial which allows the developers to "optimise and balance" various systems to make everything fair when Season 1 eventually begins for everyone else. Niantic will also figure out the ideal length of seasons and rating thresholds for ranks during this time.

The feature itself works like many other semi-regular tournaments with trainers building their ranks up by winning battles with other players with rewards that scale accordingly. Some of the goodies include exclusive Pokémon encounters, valuable items and stardust as well as avatar items and Pikachu Libre - the one with the cute luchador costume.

For now, there are a few ways for high-level trainers to enter the Go Battle League. You'll need to walk five kilometres to get five matches online, which can be done three times per day. If you're too lazy to do that then you can walk at least two kilometres and spend some hard-earned/purchased Pokécoins to enter the league early, with the cost decreasing the further you walk.

There's also a special way into the league via Premium Raid Passes (which have been renamed to Premium Battle Passes). Instead of jumping into a raid you can instead join a premium track in the league to earn better rewards if you win and lower the number of victories needed for encountering those exclusive Pokémon.

Go Battle League's preseason started with the Great League and will rotate to the Ultra League on February 10 and then the Master League on February 24 (at 9pm GMT) before returning to the Great League again on March 9.

Meanwhile, Twitter user @poke_miners managed to datamine and detail a lot of extra details about possible rewards. If you're interested, head here.

Will you be hopping into the action and be the very best, like no one ever was?

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