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Pokémon Go Tour: Johto is kicking off in February 2022

Players will be able to select between Gold and Silver versions.

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The Pokémon Go Tour is heading to another beloved region in February 2022. The mobile game's Johto event is set to take place February 26-27, and players will be select between either Gold or Silver versions for $12 a ticket.

What's the difference between these versions you might ask? Well, the Silver version includes Ledyba, Delibird, Skarmory, and Phanpy as exclusive creatures. The Gold version, on the other hand, has Spinarak, Gligar, Teddiursa, and Mantine as exclusives.

For all ticket holders though, every other Pokémon from Johto will be encounterable and there is increased odds that these will be shiny. Players will also receive twice as much candy for catching Pokémon hailing from the region and eggs will hatch four times faster than their usual speed.

You can find out more about the Johto Tour event here.

Pokémon Go

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