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Pokémon Go to receive mega evolution update

The popular Generation 6 feature is about to roll out to the mobile title.

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You heard that right! Mega Evolutions are about to make their way to Pokémon GO, and from the sounds of things, they are about to change raids in a BIG way.

To be able to mega evolve their Pokémon, players will have to collect Mega Energy by facing off against these powerful forms in Mega Raid Battles. It's important to note that Mega Energy collected is exclusive to the species of Pokémon that you'll fight, so you'll need to take on Mega Venusaur multiple times to be able to evolve your very own, for example.

The update that is due to arrive this week will only feature four mega evolutions, however. These include the three Kanto starters (including Charizard's X and Y forms) and Mega Beedrill - which we can't help but think is a bit of a strange pick.

If you are unfamiliar, mega evolutions were introduced in Pokémon's sixth generation and offered more powerful and beastly-looking forms of existing creatures. Some of the most beloved mega evolutions within the fandom include both forms of Mega Charizard, Mega Gengar, and Mega Lucario.

Thanks, Digital Trends.

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