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Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go to end support for Apple Watch devices

Pokémon Go trainers won't be able to connect their Apple Watches to the popular "catch them all" app starting next month.

Have you been using your Apple Watch to play Niantic Labs' popular "catch them all" simulator Pokémon Go? That will change, according to the developer itself. In a statement on the official Pokémon Go support website, Niantic announced that support for the Apple Watch will end after July 1 of this year.

The reason for this, according to the post, is the fact that the developers want players to no longer have to split their gameplay between two separate devices. Players will still be able to track their distance by syncing their fitness apps on their phones, so no Apple Watch is necessary. You can read the statement on the official site.

Do you play Pokémon Go, and if so, will this change to the game change how you play?

Pokémon Go

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