Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go Plus accessory delayed until September

The buzzing bracelet gets pushed back.

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One of our major grievances with Pokémon Go is that the game only works when your phone is awake and the app is open. Walk by a rare Pokémon while your phone is in your pocket? Too bad, you won't catch it.

To help players get around that issue, Niantic Labs are planning an accessory called the Pokémon Go Plus. You'll strap it to your wrist, and the plastic gadget will let off a buzz whenever you are near a Pokéstop, and the built-in LED will flash when wild Pokémon appear nearby. If it's a Pokémon you've caught before, you'll even be able to catch it using the Plus' button without getting your phone out.

Obviously, no Pokémon Go-obsessed trainer can be without such a gadget. But they'll have to live without it for a little longer, as Nintendo has revealed that the device has been delayed. It won't launch in Western territories until September, says both Nintendo UK and Nintendo of America.

Pokémon Go

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