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Pokémon Go might see significant changes after lawsuit

The plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit have delivered a settlement agreement that would affect Poké Stops, Gyms and other aspects of the game.

It didn't take long before Pokémon Go started making headlines beside incredible players numbers. People killed in traffic because the played while driving or walked across the road without looking, and people were regularly being chased off of private property; all common problems because of the popular mobile game. The latter became such a big problem that property owners decided to file a class action lawsuit against Niantic Labs a few years ago, and now we might have the result.

Variety has uploaded documents detailing a proposed settlement that could lead to some significant changes to several aspects of Pokémon Go. If Niantic agrees to this they'll have to avoid placing Poké Stops and/or virtual game items on certain private property in the future. Applicants asking to be a part of this list must have property within 40 meters of the in-game points of interest. Niantic must then remove these and make sure they don't come back within the same area for a minimum of one year.

The studio will also have to implement an in-game warning on the launch screen and Raids with more than 10 participants "reminding players to be courteous to others and respectful of their real-world surroundings". Time will tell if Niantic is willing to settle this, but do you think it sounds fair?

Pokémon Go

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