Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is celebrating New Year's 2024 with new avatar items and costume Pokémon

The map will also be lit up with fireworks during the event.

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Pokémon Go is celebrating the start of its eighth year on the market, with a special event which adds new avatar items, new costume Pokémon, new bundles, and more. The event starts on January 1st at 10am until January 3rd at 8pm local time.

Two brand new costume Pokemon, Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff wearing a ribbon, are making their debut and it's possible to encounter shiny versions. Alongside these, Hoothoot wearing a New Year's Eve outfit and Daramuka will be appearing more frequently in the wild. Some trainers will also have increased odds of encountering Bronzor.

During the event, a Daramuka hat will be purchasable for the first time within the in-game shop and the map will be lit up with celebratory fireworks.

You can find more details on the event here.

Pokémon Go

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