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Pokémon Go introducing Snapshot feature

This uses AR technology to let you pose and position Pokémon in the real world for the best pictures.

Niantic and The Pokémon Company International have announced a brand new photography feature coming to Pokémon Go called Go Snapshot, which is an "enhanced AR feature" letting players take photos of Pokémon and share them with friends.

This uses the Niantic Real World Platform to help develop the way a phone sees the world, allowing players to pose and take pictures of Pokémon. Once you select a Pokémon you can choose where they go, and they'll scale with the real world, even letting you interact with them to get their attention.

"We've been inspired by the incredible photos Trainers have taken in AR+ mode and exploring new ways to further bridge the digital and physical worlds through Niantic's enhanced AR technologies," said Ryuta Hiroi, Product Manager at Niantic, Inc. "With the addition of GO Snapshot in Pokémon GO, millions of Trainers worldwide will soon be able to experience a whole new level of augmented reality power, connecting with their favorite Pokémon in the real world like never before."

Pokémon Go will be getting Go Snapshot soon, so we'll have to wait until a full launch date is revealed. Does this sound like a cool feature?

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