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Pokémon Go Fest Dortmund teases Team Rocket

This is the latest in a series of clues that points to Rocket's arriving in Niantic's game, which seems likely.

Europe's first Pokémon Go Fest in Dortmund is currently taking place, and Reddit user J0hnd0euf has shared the image below which shows a Team Rocket balloon, making people think that Team Rocket might be coming to the mobile game:

Pokémon Go

This isn't the only clue we have though, as the official third anniversary picture below shows two very-well-hidden figures that appear to be from Team Rocket off at the right hand side, and game files also suggest that Team Rocket content is coming as well.

"We have cool things coming up," Niantic's head of marketing Anne Beuttenmüller told Eurogamer, who was then asked about new types of content aside from smaller updates. "I think you will be happier with the things that are coming."

Would you like to see Team Rocket in there?

Pokémon Go

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