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Pokémon Sword/Shield

Pokémon fan raises medical school tuition selling Pokémon Cards

An ingenious junior from the University of Georgia found a way to put himself through medical school.

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It can be tough getting the funds necessary to go through university or college, especially if you are a medical student and need around $80,000 in total. Well, an ingenious University of Georgia junior figured out a solution that would allow him to put himself through medical school, and all it involved was selling Pokémon Cards to various bidders.

Caleb King, the junior in question was first discovered in a Fox 5 Atlanta segment where he detailed how he achieved such a feat. He said that he spent approximately $5000 on Pokémon Cards back in 2016, a decision his parents seemed less than excited about, and then sold off his collection recently making massive profits due to the cards drastically increasing in value.

The full extent to which cards King sold off or retained remains unknown, but he is slated to still own $50,000 worth of cards, with a First Edition Base Set Pikachu with Red Cheeks graded GEM MT 10, which could be worth over $6000 alone.

King's story is an impressive one, but at its core it does highlight some rather large societal issues, issues that require scholars to sell collectible cards to be able to become doctors. And we wonder why this pandemic hit so hard.

Pokémon Sword/Shield

Thanks, Comicbook.

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