Halo Infinite

Pokémon battle arena recreated in Halo Infinite

A talented creator built the project in just a few days.

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The fifth season of Halo Infinite - named Reckoning - started earlier this week adding things like new game modes, new maps, new cosmetic items and more. Another thing that didn't get as much attention was a new tool for Forge, which makes it possible to use NPC AI in your creations.

And as you know, if you give the internet the tools... it will deliver. And sure enough, even though Reckoning has only been active for a few days, people have already created plenty of mindblowing things, but the coolest one we've seen so far is the Pokémon battle arena, created by DanTheBloke.

It is already up and running and you can throw Pokéballs to the arena to make the creatures start fighting each other to see which ones are the strongest. Even though it's not finished yet, it's really cool and you can check it out below. If this happened this fast, we really look forward to see what this tool will make possible when people really have got to know it.

Halo Infinite

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