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Point-and-click adventure Whateverland launches September 22nd on consoles

But you can play the prologue now for free.

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Caligari Games is an independent studio, who focuses on narrative-driven games, and publisher Drageus Games S.A. is going to release their game Whateverland on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch on September 22nd, 2023.

Whateverland is "a crazy point-and-click adventure mixed with a turn-based board game". Luckily we can already try out a prologue for free on PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store or Nintendo eShop. Apparently, we need to get ready for magic, strategy and loads of minigames.

The PC version Whateverland was developed by Caligari Games, and published by WhisperGames in June 2020. But now the time is here to have some point-and-click action on consoles as well.


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