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Gears 5

Plenty of Xmas celebrations in Gears 5

Unlock the Father Gearsmas Marcus skin by completing a few challenges.

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Starting today and until December 22, it is Gearsmas celebrations in Gears 5. During this period, you can unlock a Santa Claus version of Marcus Fenix, play the Horde mode Jingle Juvies and buy Christmas skins. There's also mentions of a return of Snowball fights. You can read more about all this over here and under the image is the description of how to unlock Father Gearsmas Marcus.

Gears 5

You can unlock Father Gearsmas Marcus for free just by completing the Gearsmas medal group:

• Making a List - Win 60 Versus Rounds, Horde Waves or Escape Acts
• Dashing Through the Snow - Complete 25 Rounds of Snowball Fight Versus Event or Jingle Juvies Horde Event
• Checking it Twice - Win 3 Matches of Jingle Juvies Horde Event or Snowball Fight Versus Event
• Jingle Hell - Get 50 Juvie Eliminations in the Jingle Juvies Horde Event
• Naughty or Nice - Get 30 Eliminations with the Snowshot in the Snowball Fight Versus Event
• One Horde Open Slay - Deal 200,000 damage in Versus, Horde or Escape

Gears 5

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