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Plenty of Easter eggs in new Xbox products

The Halo Infinite Xbox Series X and the 20th Anniversary controller are hiding things beneath their surfaces.

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It's no secret that Microsoft are fans of Easter eggs. You surely remember how Xbox Series S was clearly visible in a livestream with the Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer last summer, several months before it was actually announced. They usually also hide messages and other things on their consoles, like Master Chief riding on a scorpion inside Xbox One X (which was codenamed Scorpio).

Now they have been doing this again with both the Halo Infinite edition of the Xbox Series X console, and the 20th Anniversary controller. As noticed by users on Reddit, the former has a Zeta Halo symbol printed, which is only visible using ultraviolet light.

The controller on the other hand is a celebration of Xbox turning 20 years old, and back then it was launched with the legendary The Duke controller, most famous for being enormous and having a rumble equal to a pneumatic drill. So if you use ultraviolet light on the box, you'll see The Duke show up behind the Xbox Series S/X controller on the front page, as you can see here. The controller also has a message from Phil Spencer written on the inside of the battery cap.

It turns out even the Halo Elite Controller comes with a little surprise, even though this is more of a cool bonus rather than an Easter egg. Check it out over here.

Plenty of Easter eggs in new Xbox products
Plenty of Easter eggs in new Xbox products

Thanks The Verge

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