Plenty of details revealed on next week's Outriders demo

People Can Fly has reassured fans that it is indeed a demo and not a beta.

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With less than a week to go until People Can Fly releases their demo of their co-op action game Outriders, they thought it was about time to share some important detalis in a 20+ posts long rant on Twitter.

They make sure everyone is aware that this is a demo and not some kind of a beta test (so you can play it as much as you like and it will remain online after Outriders has launched), and that gamers who will get to enjoy it is owners of PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X. That means no Stadia, even though the full game is coming for Stadia at April 1. For PC the demo is minimum 24GB, and for consoles minimum 22GB, but there won't be any pre-loading.

There is cross-play available in the Outriders demo, although this feature isn't finished yet, and has to be manually activated. They also reveal that it "includes the game's prologue & opening chapter" as well as "all 4 classes and 6 character slots," but "levels are capped to Level 7." Also, you will be able to keep your save file, so everything you unlocks in the demo will be there for you if you later purchase Outriders for the same platform.

The Outriders demo unlocks on February 25. Will you take the opportunity to check it out?


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