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PlayStation won't be at Gamescom

It's the latest major company to opt out of the convention.

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We've been waiting for a return to physical events for some time, and for a lot of people, this year's Gamescom feels like a return to form. However, this year's event will be slightly different than previous years, as a lot of major game companies won't be attending the convention.

We've known for a while that Nintendo won't be present at the event, and neither will Activision Blizzard or Take-Two Interactive, but now we can add PlayStation to that list as well.

Revealed by a spokesperson from Sony to Games Wirtschaft, the massive company will be skipping Gamescom this year.

This means that as of the current time, out of the big names in the industry, only a few have confirmed their attendance, including the likes of Bandai Namco, THQ Nordic, and Koch Media.

Gamescom 2022 is set to be held between August 24-28, and will be a hybrid event with both an online and physical presence.

PlayStation won't be at Gamescom

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