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PlayStation VR2 output halved by Sony

The company has found pre-orders for the headset to be underwhelming.

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Sony has halved its output for the upcoming PlayStation VR2 headset due to pre-order numbers being underwhelming.

In October, it was reported that Sony was looking to produce 2 million PlayStation VR2 headsets in order to keep up with expected demand. Now, it is cutting those planned shipments in half to one million for this quarter.

In the next fiscal year, Sony hopes to ship another 1.5 million PS VR2 units, but we'll have to see if the new VR headset proves to be successful.

With its hefty price and lacklustre launch options, a lot of gamers are deciding the PlayStation VR2 is simply not worth the price of entry right now, and it seems it's up to Sony to shift those ideas.

Thanks, Bloomberg.

PlayStation VR2 output halved by Sony

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