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PlayStation VR2: All launch games confirmed

Here are the close to 40 titles that will be available on or around February 22.

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It's been weeks since Sony announced PlayStation VR2 will have more than 30 games available in its launch window, but we only knew about around half of them. With just one month till it hits store shelves, the time has come to be specific.

That's why a new post on the PlayStation Blog reveals the games set to launch alongside PS VR2 on February 22 or at least within one month of it. This list includes 13 newly announced games and will apparently grow a bit in the coming weeks, so we're at least not allowed to complain about quantity

Now we'll just have to wait for Beat Saber's date, hopefully Half-Life: Alyx coming over and a follow-up to Astro Bot Rescue Mission.

PlayStation VR2: All launch games confirmed

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