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Playstation Plus subscribers doubled over past 18 months

It pays to charge for multiplayer as PS Plus number are now at over 20 million.

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Sony has revealed that over the last 18 months the number of PlayStation Plus subscribers have almost doubled. The announcement came through Sony CEO Andrew House's presentation from the company's IR Day 2016. It says that the company had seen "continuous growth" in the amount of PlayStation Plus subscribers, rising from 10.9 million in January 2015 to 20.8 million now.

House was also keen to highlight the achievements of Sony for FY2015 such as hitting 40 million units sold for the PS4, 51 per cent increase in network sales for the fiscal year compared to the year before and investments for the future like PlayStation VR.

The key strategy for fiscal year 2016, according to the presentation, is both to "capitalise on opportunities enabled by digital growth" while also to "continue investment for future growth" by strengthening PlayStation as a content brand among other things. The presentation also touched briefly upon VR, highlighting its potential as "affordable hardware with great gaming capabilities but also how it could act as an ecosystem to non-game applications and services". Their revised financial targets for the next financial year were also predicted to be eight to ten per cent higher than the previous year.

Playstation Plus subscribers doubled over past 18 months

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