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PlayStation Plus now has 41.5 million subscribers

Plenty of gamers are willing to pay to play online but percentage-wise, there are still a lot of PlayStation gamers who don't find a subscription necessary.

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Last week Gamereactor reported on the fact that PlayStation 4 had sold more than 110 million units worldwide. Now we have another interesting statistic; while talking to their investors, Sony CEO and president Kenichiro Yoshida revealed that Playstation Plus service now has 41,5 million subscribers. This is significant because only around 38% of PlayStation users have a PS Plus subscription.

Maybe this is the reason as to why the PS4 has had such a good selection of AAA single-player games? Or is it the other way around: because PS4 has such a good selection of AAA single-player games, you don't need to have a PS Plus subscription in order to enjoy your PlayStation to the fullest?

It was also revealed that Sony's cloud gaming service PlayStation Now has reached 2,2 million subscribers. Which is not that much compared to Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass, which about a month ago had over 10 million subscribers.

PlayStation Plus now has 41.5 million subscribers

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