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PlayStation Plus Essential's "free" February games confirmed

The rumours were true, so look forward to Tuesday. There are some bad news for future PlayStation 5 owners though.

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I didn't even bother highlighting that it was still a rumour when billbil-kun seemingly leaked February's PlayStation Plus Essential games a few days ago. That's because this person had a spotless track-record...and still has.

Sony has now officially announced that these four games will be "free" with PlayStation Plus Essential from February 7 to March 7:

There are some bad news for PlayStation 5 owners, however, as the PlayStation Plus Collection will end on May 9, which means those of you who get a PS5 after that won't have the same fantastic offer. You're still able to redeem the games until then though, and doing so will let you download them whenever you want for the foreseeable future.

PlayStation Plus Essential's "free" February games confirmed

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