PlayStation is making it easier to invite friends to games

It's baffling that this is still a hassle for PS players.

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While it's a pretty seamless and intuitive system to invite friends to games on Xbox systems, for PlayStation, for some bizarre reason, it's more of a hassle. Fortunately, PlayStation has been working on making this easier, and has now lifted the curtain on a new invite system coming in the near months.

The system will allow players to generate a shareable link or QR code that can be sent to friends so that they can join your game. This will work either through PS5 consoles or on the PS App, and will even allow you to send the link/code through social media apps and messaging systems to more easily distribute it. You don't even need to be friends with someone on PSN to benefit from this system.

The system is made to complement the already existing invite methods available on PlayStation, and with it being a new system, Sony does note that many of your games will need to be updated to support it.

To add to this, we can accept a similar system that allows you to share your PSN account through messages or on social media, further making it easier to make friends and add new pals to your account.

There is no firm date when these features will properly launch just yet.

PlayStation is making it easier to invite friends to games

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