PlayStation confirms new studio is working on known franchise

Is the "secret" San Diego studio actually working on a new Uncharted, Syphon Filter, The Getaway, Twisted Metal or what?

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A few years ago, Sony started posting video game-related job-listings for a studio based in San Diego that wasn't the MLB: The Show creators at San Diego Studio. This obviously lead many to believe that the Japanese company was building a new, secret PlayStation team, so the rumour-mill went crazy. One of the most popular theories has been that they're working on a new Uncharted game, and the latest update doesn't exactly make that sound less believable.

Michael Mumbauer, who used to be Studio Head / Senior Director of Visual Arts at PlayStation Worldwide Studios until November, recently updated his LinkedIn profile to include the following segment:

"His latest achievement is having built a brand new, all-star, AAA Action/Adventure development team for PlayStation. Based in San Diego and utilising proprietary engine technology, this team was assembled to expand upon existing franchises and craft all new stories for the next generation of gamers."

With this, Mumbauer confirms that the new San Diego studio is, or at least was, working on a new game in a known series. What makes this especially interesting for people hungry for more Uncharted is that he's also included a YouTube video where RobinGaming talks about the Uncharted 5 speculations. An interesting choice considering the other two videos are official keynotes.

Still, it's important to note that the studio has changed since November, as a couple of big names, including Quentin Cobb and John Bautista, have gone to other studios the last couple of months, so plans might have changed. That makes my question all the more relevant, however: Which dormant PlayStation franchise do you want to see return?

PlayStation confirms new studio is working on known franchise

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