PlayStation changes its mind: PS Store will remain on PS3 and Vita

"It's clear that we made the wrong decision here." Guessing this will pour some fuel on the Days Gone 2 fire as well...

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The Internet exploded with negative feedback when Sony confirmed the closure of the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable last month, and just added to the amount of criticism the Japanese company has gotten lately. Fortunately, we're just getting good news today.

Jim Ryan, the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has announced that the stores on PS3 and PS Vita won't be closing after all this summer, but will remain live for the foreseeable future because of the feedback.

He confirms that one of the reasons for their plans of closing the store on older platforms was that it didn't make sense to spend that much time, money and resources on them with fairly few active users when they could instead focus more on improving things on the newer platforms. Or to quote his more PR-friendly statement:

"When we initially came to the decision to end purchasing support for PS3 and PS Vita, it was born out of a number of factors, including commerce support challenges for older devices and the ability for us to focus more of our resources on newer devices where a majority of our gamers are playing on. We see now that many of you are incredibly passionate about being able to continue purchasing classic games on PS3 and PS Vita for the foreseeable future, so I'm glad we were able to find a solution to continue operations."

The remaining functionalities will still be removed on the PSP, however, so grab those games, expansions and such while you still can.

PlayStation changes its mind: PS Store will remain on PS3 and Vita

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