PlayStation branded credit cards available in China

Let Kratos protect your finances with these new bank card designs.

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China is one the world's biggest gaming markets, so it's no surprise to see they are the first to get their own game related, branded credit cards. Most likely working with Sony, VISA has brought the first line of PlayStation bank cards to the market however, they are currently only available to people living in China.

The first images of these PlayStation branded credit cards were revealed by Twitter user ZhugeEX. The cards that have been shown off detail four designs, from a classic PS symbol look, using the iconic Cross, Square, Circle and Triangle the platform is known for, all the way to three unique God of War styles.

One of the three show the box art for the title, with Kratos and Atreus standing on their boat in the middle of a lake, the other two are a bit different. The second God of War design features the Leviathan Axe and a quote reading "Ask The Axe", whereas the other once again shows Kratos and Atreus, only this time in a combat stance, set against a black and silver, runic background.

As for other designs, we have yet to see any however, should these be official we can expect to see more using Sony's incredible line-up of first party games, perhaps some Horizon Zero Dawn styles for example.

Would you use a PlayStation branded bank card?

PlayStation branded credit cards available in China

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