PlayStation announces interesting new leaders

Killzone and Horizon: Zero Dawn creator Hermen Hulst gets a promotion along with Sony veteran Hideaki Nishino.

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Last September, Jim Ryan confirmed that he would retire as the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment on the 31st of March. This has left Hiroki Totoki as the interim CEO of SIE the last six weeks, but the Japanese company has finally found suitable replacements.

Yes, that's replacements plural. Because Sony reveals that Hermen Hulst and Hideaki Nishino will replace Ryan as co-CEOs on the 1st of June.

Some of you might have heard about Hermen Hulst, or at least seen him in a State of Play, showcase or interview. He's the head of PlayStation Studios right now, and was a co-founder of the Horizon: Zero Dawn and Killzone developer studio Guerrilla Games. Nishino-san is also a veteran at Sony, but has been more behind the scenes. This will seemingly also be the case in the future.

I say that because they'll have different responsibilities. Hulst will be the CEO of SIE's Studio Business Group, which includes PlayStation Studios, Bungie and PlayStation Productions. That last part means that he'll also be responsible for upcoming movies, TV shows, comics and such based on PlayStation's franchises.

Meanwhile, Nishino-san will be the CEO of the Platform Business Group. Basically, he'll oversee everything not connected to making software. He's instead tasked with SIE's technology, products, services and platform experience, while also taking care of third party publishers, developer relations, marketing of hardware and such.

Time will tell if it's a good solution to have a gamer and former game developer lead the entertainment part of PlayStation and someone else take care of the other stuff. Do you think this will lead to a better PlayStation?

PlayStation announces interesting new leaders

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