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PlayStation 5 and upcoming games have yet to be delayed

Sony has issued a statement regarding the pandemic and it includes some pleasant news for gamers.

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Many of you are obviously worried that the coronavirus might delay the launch of PlayStation 5 and your most anticipated games, but Sony might have put some minds at ease today.

The company has published a press release with an overview of how different parts of its business are affected by the current situation, and it includes the following statement about the Game & Network Services segment:

"Sony estimates that there will be no material impact on this business for the current fiscal year.

Although no issues have emerged so far, Sony is carefully monitoring the risk of delays in production schedules for game software titles at both its first-party studios and partner studios, primarily in Europe and the U.S."

We've been reassured that the PlayStation 5 is still on track for "Holiday 2020" several times over the last few months already, so that's not exactly new even if it's nice to hear. What's more noteworthy is that the upcoming games, both from PlayStation's Worldwide Studios and third-party developers, haven't been affected in a noteworthy way either. It's very important to note the "so far" part of that comment though, as things can obviously change if the world stays the same or gets worse in the coming months when the fall games enter the final stages of development and production of the PlayStation 5 truly starts. At least it seems like Predator: Hunting Grounds, The Last of Us: Part II and Ghost of Tsushima are very safe.

Do you have faith that the upcoming consoles and games won't get delayed?

PlayStation 5 and upcoming games have yet to be delayed

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