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PlayStation 4 official

Sony confirms next gen console.

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Sony's just confirmed the name of their next generation console: not unexpectedly, it's entitled PlayStation 4.

The company's Andrew House has opened the PlayStation Meeting with the announcement, explaining that the next generation experience would be "developer lead, consumer inspired", for the most powerful gaming experience today.

House introduced Lead system architect Mark Cerny, who revealed the system's would be hold "supercharged" PC architecture, which includes X86 CPU, enhanced PC GPU, with the system memory at 8GB unifed memory, and 8-core processor with powerful GDDR5 RAM. The PS4 will also carry a local HD for storage.

Cerny demoed a few live demos, which included a run through a Unreal Engine 4 demo, as he panned the camera around a fantasy setting, as well as showing a game he's working on, entitled Knack.

The newest PlayStation pad - the Dual Shock 4 - was also revealed, which included touch pad, Share button and headphone jack, and a light bar, similar to the Move's light, to identify players.

There's more to come, so keep checking back with us.

PlayStation 4 official
PlayStation 4 official

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