PlayStation 4 launches in Europe

Two weeks after North American launch, UK gamers get their hands on PS4.

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The next-gen is now officially the current gen in the UK, as PlayStation 4 joined Xbox One in the wild, with Sony's console launching at retailers up and down the country earlier this morning.

Retailers were handing over consoles from midnight, and hopeful gamers who missed pre-orders were queueing at stores after last minute stock was made available by Sony.

PlayStation 4, which launched in a variety of different bundle configurations, is likely to outsell the Xbox One at launch (according to Amazon and via MCV), an achievement considering Microsoft's console was a resounding success at launch, beating records set by Xbox 360.

PlayStation 4 launches in Europe
Two of the first customers to get their hands on PlayStation 4.

The console arrived in 20 countries across Europe, months after its first introduction at the announcement event in New York in February (that seems like such distant memory now). PS4 was officially launched in North America on November 15, with Europeans having to wait an agonising two weeks before the console launched here (and in other PAL regions).

A post from SCEE CEO Jim Ryan confirms there are 180 titles currently in development for PlayStation 4, along with the twenty titles that launched with the console.

"Whether you made it out last night to celebrate with us at one of our many launch events across the region, or are patiently awaiting the knock of a delivery man this morning, we'd like to thank you for choosing PlayStation," wrote Ryan. "PS4 exists for you; you're the reason why we continue to push at the boundaries of play, crafting experiences you'll not see anywhere else. Please enjoy your new console - we can't wait to hear how you, the players, get on."

We've been hands-on with the console for the last week, and you can read our hands-on verdict for a better idea of what we think of the PS4 and its new features. As for games, here's all the launch reviews collected into one place for your convenience.

As mentioned before, PlayStation 4 was released at a variety of different price points. The standard console is £349, but you could also buy official bundles with Killzone: Shadow Fall and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, as well as one with Killzone, two controllers and the PlayStation Camera. Retailers also had their own bundles on offer, so there was something for everybody at launch. Now we just have to wait until Monday to see what kind of impact the PS4 had on the market, and how that compares with Xbox One.

PlayStation 4 launches in Europe
The PS4 Lounge had hopeful customers queueing up all day for a chance to grab a console.
PlayStation 4 launches in EuropePlayStation 4 launches in EuropePlayStation 4 launches in Europe
Long queues and happy customers.

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