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Playroom VR will be a better experience on PS4 Pro

The game's Creative Director opened up about the differences between versions.

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Playroom VR will utilise the increased power of the PS4 Pro for the hardcore fans who choose to buy the upgraded console. The game's Creative Director Nicolas Doucet confirmed this, amongst other things, with us at the Tokyo Game Show this year.

With the added power of the PS4 Pro, the developers of Playroom VR could either make the game native at 120 frames-per-second or increase the rendering quality. They opted for the latter.

"When you get close to an object (on the normal PS4), the angles would be a little bit rough, and without getting too technical the rendering resolution would be a bit lower than we wanted." Doucet told us. "With the Pro, we were able to up all of that to the maximum. We tried both 120 frames-per-second, or increased graphics (rendering resolution), and we all felt graphics was the way to go because the impact is immediate."

An increased rendering resolution means that all of the edges are much sharper than they would normally be, making it much more noticeable in a game like Playroom VR, where many of the mini-games are ones where you don't move around. "(Increasing the framerate) would be noticeable but not that massive. A racing game would really benefit from an increased framerate," Doucet explained.

You can watch the full interview below, where Doucet tells us lots about the upcoming title, which is due to ship with all PSVR units on 13 October. Give us your thoughts in the comments on PlayStation VR, and how it might compare to the already released HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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