Final Fantasy XI

PlayOnline goes bye bye

Merging with Square Enix accounts.

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If you've been playing, or are still playing, Final Fantasy XI there's no way you could have missed PlayOnline - Square Enix cumbersome account management system and launcher that every FFXI-player have to go through to get into the game. Now even Square Enix have had enough of the system and in the name of security they will be merging all PlayOnline-accounts with general Square Enix accounts.

"Please note that all users will have to log in and agree to the transfer by August 31, 2011, or they will lose access to PlayOnline and Final Fantasy XI," the company writes on the game's official website. "In the last half of July, a walkthrough detailing the transfer process will be posted on the PlayOnline website as well as the FAQ section of the Square Enix Support Center."

Now here's hoping that Square Enix will nuke PlayOnline from orbit and that Final Fantasy XI-players will no longer have to launch it at all (especially on the Xbox 360, where it is a total PITA to go through). Chances of that happening are slim, sadly.

(thanks, Massively)

Final Fantasy XI

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