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Bright Memory: Infinite

Players who bought Bright Memory will get the sequel cheaper

Owners of the PC version of Bright Memory will still get Infinite for free on PC at launch.

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One of the games that launched on the release of Xbox Series S/X was Bright Memory (launched for PC last year). A first person slasher developed by the one man studio FYQD, which actually has fairly impressive production values.

Next year marks the release of the sequel, Bright Memory: Infinite, for both PC and Xbox Series S/X. The publisher Playsim has previously revealed that PC players will get Infinite for free if they've bought the original, and now they have tweeted that they have something in store for Xbox Series S and X gamers to offer as well:

"Dear Bright Memory fans! We bring you some good news today. Players who have purchased Bright Memory on the Xbox Series X/S will be able to receive a special discount on Bright Memory Infinite when it launches!"

Exactly how big this "special discount" is remains to be seen, but cheaper games is always a good thing regardless.

Bright Memory: Infinite

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