Dragon Age: Inquisition

"Players want more fleshed out writing" in next Dragon Age

BioWare senior writer David Gaider points out "we all learned a lot from Inquisition" and compliments CD Projekt Red on The Witcher 3's side quests.

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When we sat with David Gaider at Gamelab Barcelona a couple of weeks ago, BioWare's senior writer had a lot of interesting insight to share on interactive storytelling, and with Dragon Age: Inquisition being praised globally (it was game of the year 2014 here at Gamereactor UK), he still admits there's room for improvement with the series' narrative, team now trying to evolve that even further and actually praising The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Here's what Gaider and his team got as main feedback from DAI players:

"It would be just the players want to see the exploration areas sort of incorporated a lot more tightly into the story, have a bit more fleshed out writing. I was playing The Witcher 3 recently and I think they actually did a really good job with their side quests, sort of making them feel alive, have interesting characters, and things like that. People are accustomed to BioWare games just being sort of chock-full of story, and I think that's going to be the team's main goal. I'm not on Dragon Age anymore myself, I passed it off to Patrick Weekes, he's another senior writer who works with the company and I think they're very excited about the direction that they're going to go next; we all learned a lot from Inquisition".

For a lot more on interactive storytelling, click to watch the full interview below or check out Gaider's full panel "Narrative in Games - the Challenge versus the Expectation" right here.


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