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Resident Evil 4

Players mourn the dog in Resident Evil 4 remake

The four-legged friend meets a miserable fate this time around.

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All of us who played Capcom's masterpiece Resident Evil 4 remember the dog in the bear trap that we rescue and who later repays us by helping us in a boss fight against El Gigante. This same dog was rumoured to be the same dog we loved in their previous game Haunting Ground, the white German Shepherd Howie who was a faithful companion to Fiona, so this dog has somehow left quite a paw print in both games.

But in the latest clip from the Resident Evil 4 remake, things aren't looking too good for our four-legged friend, as he's already dead when Leon finds him in the bear trap, which means we'll likely have to face the boss all by ourselves. Several players have declared a minute of silence for the dog, while others think the change is fitting for a darker Resident Evil 4.

Thanks, IGN.

Resident Evil 4

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