Super Mario Maker 2

Players have uploaded more than 26 million courses to Super Mario Maker 2 so far

That's an increase of 6 million since last September.

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Super Mario Maker 2 is a great side-scrolling platform game, other than its original Nintendo-created courses, players can also create their own levels and share these crazy creations with other gamers in the world.

Last year in January, we reported thatthere were more than 10 million courses uploaded to the game at that moment. Then just a couple of months later, in September 2020, over 20 million levels had been built in Super Mario Maker 2. It was impressive enough, but fans of this game might be more passionate than you'd think.

Nintendo just revealed that more than 26 million courses have been uploaded to the game by its players so far, this shows the game is still thriving, and doing pretty good - especially considering its last major update rolled out a bit more than a year ago, no more major update is planned after that whatsoever.

Are you still playing and creating for Super Mario Maker 2 as well? How many courses have you made so far? Let us know in the comments.

Super Mario Maker 2

Thanks NintendoEverything.

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