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Players have spent 150 million hours in Anthem since launch

EA revealed in a recent earnings call that the launch did not meet expectations though, even if content and fixes are still coming.

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It's no secret that Bioware's Anthem has had its fair share of critics since it launched back in February, and it turns out that the launch didn't meet expectations for EA either, as revealed in a tweet from Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad.

This news comes courtesy of an EA earnings call that took place recently, which also revealed that players have spent over 150 million hours in the game since launch on February 22. Here we also get reassurance that the team is still working on content and fixes for the game, bolstering its offering and echoing the Bioware message from last week that "commitment to anthem HAS. NOT. CHANGED."

That said, some of the roadmap of content has been delayed, making fans a little concerned about what the future holds for the game and Bioware itself.

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