No Man's Sky

Players disappointed in No Man's Sky's ending

The center of the galaxy was not what many had expected.

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Earlier this month Hello Games released their long awaited No Man's Sky, and by now the players have begun to reach the game's ending. When starting the game you basically have a choice; will you roam the galaxy and explore freely, or do you want to follow the path to the center of the galaxy where the game's ending is said to be?

Reaching the center of the galaxy has been the goal of the game, according to developer Hello Games. The problem now is that players feel very disappointed as they achieve this, after spending many hours travelling from planet to planet.

We are not going to spoil the ending for you, but if you head over to Reddit you will find out both how the game ends and why the players are upset. We'll just settle for telling you to maybe lower your expectations.

No Man's Sky

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