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Playdead releasing physical edition of Inside with iam8bit

After releasing a limited collector's edition of Inside, Playdead is releasing a physical edition of the game with iam8bit.

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Playdead, the developer behind the iconic, thrilling side-scrolling adventure games Limbo and Inside, opened up pre-orders for a collector's edition of the latter earlier this year. For those who happened to miss out on that limited run, they're now teaming up with iam8bit once again for a physical edition, limited to 2000 copies, that will ship once the collector's editions have been fulfilled in Q4 of this year.

The physical edition will set you back $29.99, is region free and holds a fold-out poster with exclusive original art within and while the latter mentioned poster could be the focus of its mysterious product page paragraph, the edition "is perhaps more than it seems".

Check the store page out here.


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