Football Manager 2019

Play the Football Manager 2019 beta tonight

If you've pre-ordered you've got access starting this evening.

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Sega and Sports Interactive have announced that Football Manager 2019's early beta on PC and Mac will be available via Steam starting this evening. If you have pre-ordered the game, you can start playing the beta directly from your Steam library. Have you not pre-ordered? No problem: from today until the launch of the game, Friday, November 2, players who pre-order a copy, will be able to access this beta and discover what the 2019 edition has to offer.

The beta is the almost complete (non-final) version of the game, so players could encounter some problems or bugs, and non-finalised things. Online gaming is enabled, but access to the Steam Workshop, and to the pre-game or in-game editors, is not there until the launch of the game, on November 2nd.

With major improvements to training and tactics, in addition to the debut of the Bundesliga license and a brand new look, FM19 we're eager to see what the game offers up this year. In addition, the careers you start in early beta can be transferred to the full version of the game as per usual.

We recently had a chat with Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson on the new game as he was suffering from a potentially fractured foot. The injury occurred as he was kicking a chair finding a bug that delayed the beta somewhat. The foot still hurts, but the beta is just about to drop... we'll have more details from our conversation with Jacobson very soon here on Gamereactor.

Football Manager 2019

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