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Salt and Sanctuary

Play Salt and Sanctuary on your PS Vita this month

Just don't get too salty when dying over and over again.

The 2D platforming action slasher Salt and Sanctuary is coming to PlayStation Vita this March, as announced by Ska Studios on the PlayStation blog. If you've bought it already for the PlayStation 4 though, there's good news, as you can play it again on your Vita, due to the new Cross-Buy functionality. According to Ska Studios, launching the title for PS Vita was the plan since the very beginning:

"Would you believe we originally were aiming to launch on PS Vita and PS4 at the same time? After all, a complex, deep RPG like Salt and Sanctuary would be a perfect fit for PS Vita. We may have been overambitious — reckless, even! But we think the wait will be worth it, and we hope you'll agree when Salt and Sanctuary finally launches on PS Vita this coming Tuesday, March 28."

The Vita port of Salt and Sanctuary is done by Sickhead Games, the people who brought us Stardew Valley and Darkest Dungeon, and the RPG from the developers of The Dishwasher series has put much effort into its homage to the Dark Souls series, as you can read in our review of the game. If you haven't played it, we highly recommend it, because it's a fine adventure.

Is this a game that's on the radar for you PS Vita owners?

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Salt and Sanctuary

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