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New World

Play New World for free this weekend

Amazon Game Studios' massive MMORPG opens a free-to-play period today, April 7, until Monday.

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Before Lost Ark's huge debut, Amazon had already tried the MMORPG genre with its own creation, New World. Developed by Amazon Game Studios, the title came with a pretty solid formula and has some interesting expansion plans. But they want to get more players on board, and that's why New World will be free to play this weekend

As explained on its official website, New World's Steam Free Weekend starts today, April 7, and ends on April 11. During these four days, users will be able to access New World through Steam, download it and enjoy almost everything that Aeternum has to offer completely free. In addition, New World's standard and deluxe editions will be 40% off (April 7-18) on both Steam and Amazon.

All these new "free users" will be hosted on separate servers and won't be able to make in-game purchases until they buy one of those paid editions. Fortunately, Amazon Game Studios plans to "merge free servers after the Steam Free Weekend to ensure healthy world populations."

If you're interested, go to New World Steam page and click on the free play button (enabled when the promotion begins). Want to know more about this game? Then, take a look at our review here.

  • Start of the free period - April 7, 19:00 CEST

  • End of free period - April 11, 19:00 CEST

New World

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