Hitman GO

Play Hitman on the GO on your Android device

Square Enix Montréal turn-based puzzle strategy concept now available for Android devices with 68 levels.

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Though some fans could be put off by its premise/concept, we thought Hitman GO was a nice adaptation of IO Interactive's universe to touch screen mechanics. In fact, we praised Square Enix Montréal efforts on design and challenge in our review.


But that was some weeks ago, when the app launched on the App Store. Now, Android owners get the opportunity to enjoy this original concept, for Hitman GO popped up just some hours ago on Google Play channel. For £2.99 and 192 MB of your memory space you can try this "easy to learn, hard to master" turn-based board-like game, in which you have to solve more than 60 puzzles by sneaking among enemies and taking them out from blind spots.

Hitman GO

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