Fallout 76

Play Fallout 76, PGA Tour 2K23 and Classified: France '44 for "free" this weekend

They're perfect to celebrate the arrival of the Fallout show and the start of the Masters.

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We're sure you know the concept by now, but each weekend, Microsoft offers a selection of usually around three full games that Xbox Game Pass Core and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can download and play at no extra cost. This offer is called Free Play Days, which has now started and lasts until 8:00 BST / 9:00 CEST on Monday morning, which gives you plenty of time to explore the titles, and maybe even finish them.

As usual, there are also pretty big discounts on the selection available, and this week is no different. Here are the games included:

  • Fallout 76

  • PGA Tour 2K23

  • Classified: France '44

If you haven't played Fallout 76 before, maybe today is the time to do so as the game is really good nowadays, and it's also a great way to get into the Fallout mood as a preparation for the TV series on Amazon Prime Video that premiered today. Likewise, as the Masters starts today for the PGA Tour, there's no better time to check out PGA Tour 2K23.

Fallout 76

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