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Anarchy Reigns

Platinum ready for long-haul fight

Dev pens open letter to the industry

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Platinum Games President Tatsuya Minami as penned an open letter to the industry and gamers on the company's official website, describing how the state of the industry "deeply" saddens the developer.

In a statement that's perhaps partly in response to questions of the relevance of Japanese development into today's industry, Minami-san talks of a struggle of 'fresh surprises', especially coming out of his homeland.

"Not so long ago, Japan lead the world's games business, and it was not a stretch to call games a uniquely Japanese specialty; however, now it appears that Japanese games companies have lost their vigor."

He continues: "Series grow ever-longer; original titles are on the decline. Games with new at their core are disappearing. Japanese games that garner worldwide acclaim are slipping away."

However, the letter isn't completely doom and gloom. The situation is merely being used to put his own studio's position into perspective - as the standard bearer for Japan in the global video game market.

"We strive to be the face of Japanese game studios on the worldwide stage. We want our contributions to not only be towards the games industry as a whole, but also be contributions towards our homeland of Japan. That is the principle that will guide our company into the future.

We aim to bring happiness to gamers worldwide. We seek to ignite a Japanese games revival. And our troops will have the highest morale.

We're in this fight for the long haul."

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