Platinum Games wants to get Scalebound back from Microsoft

Scalebound, the game that was planned to release on Xbox but got cancelled, is Microsoft intellectual property, but PlatinumGames would love to get back to developing the game.

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Platinum Games seems to be moving away from using big publishers to publish their games after their recent investment from the Chinese giant Tencent (which wholly or partially owns game companies like Riot Games, Supercell, Bluehole and Epic Games). They have also used Kickstarter to great success with a planned Switch version of The Wonderful 101, and now they want the cancelled titled Scalebound back from Microsoft.

According to Eurogamer Portugal (translated by Jack of All Controllers), the Platinum Games head honcho Atsushi Inaba said the following in an interview about Scalebound:

"But this was an intellectual property that belongs 100% to Microsoft. Whatever happens to this project, we can't do anything with it unless Microsoft leaves us. But it's a game that falls in love and loved, if the opportunity arises, it's something we'd love to go back to."

If Microsoft would be willing to give a project they've invested a lot of money in and also cost them a lot of trust away, is of course unknown. But at least there's a chance that Scalebound could bounce back if this were to happen.


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