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Planet Zoo welcomes five new animals from South America

Plenty of content is headed for Frontier Development's Planet Zoo and the simulation game is getting a free update as well.

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Frontier Developments will take Planet Zoo's many zoo managers to South America next week. The second paid expansion introduces five new animals and 250 additional landscape elements. The plant diversity takes up a large part of this package, however, park engineers will also be able to recreate "mighty structures of lost civilizations", as the press release states. The South America DLC costs €9.99 and will be available on Steam starting April 7. We list the five animals that you will soon be able to house in your zoos below:

  • Jaguar
  • Giant anteater
  • Capuchin monkey
  • Red-eyed tree frog
  • Lama

The paid content will be expanded with a free update, which contains a function that fans have asked for since the very beginning last November: the opportunity to look at the pedigree of your own animals. Also included are the usual improvements and balance updates, as well as fresh plants and décor elements. In addition to this, players will find more options when starting a new zoo, for example, you are allowed to take over the research results from your franchise zoos.

Planet ZooPlanet Zoo
Planet Zoo
Planet ZooPlanet Zoo

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