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Planet Zoo reveals Arid Animals DLC

Eight new animals, a new campaign, and more is coming to the game.

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On the 20th of June Planet Zoo will release its Arid Animals DLC, which has just been revealed. With eight new animals, a new campaign, and a free update for all players of the game, there's a good dose of content coming to the game.

Some of these animals, which can be seen in the trailer here, include: the single-humped Dromedary Camel, the Black Rhino, and the Desert Horned Viper Exhibit Animal.

The new campaign introduced in the Arid Animals DLC features a prolific socialite heading to the Arabian Desert, trying to prove she can beat the heat. Players will have to help her figure out how to turn her arid spot of desert into the perfect attraction.

In the free update coming to all players, zookeepers' outfits can now be changed to have multiple colour combinations, you can take smooth shots with the scenic camera mode, and you can even witness certain animals spitting on your guests.

Check out more information on the free update here, and you can purchase the Arid Animals pack for £7.99 on Steam.

Planet Zoo

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