Planet Coaster: Console Edition

Planet Coaster: Console Edition goes old-school with Vintage & World's Fair bundle

The next DLC is bringing a duo of bundles that can be picked up either alone or together.

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The latest DLC for Planet Coaster: Console Edition has been unveiled, and it looks like the park building title will be going old-school as it brings the Vintage & World's Fair bundle to the live game.

Set to launch on Thursday, February 25, the new bundle will be bringing 10 new rides - including the Loop Da Loop and the Interceptor, as well as over 630 new scenery pieces, 250+ new console blueprints, and even dozens of new audio and sound effects.

When it launches, you have the choice to pick up the full bundle for £11.99 / €12.99, or separately for £7.99 / €9.99 each, and it will of course be available on the Xbox One / PS4 and the Xbox Series / PS5 versions of the game.

Check out a few screenshots of the upcoming expansion below, or check out our review of the game over here.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition
Planet Coaster: Console EditionPlanet Coaster: Console Edition

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