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Pizza Connection 3

Pizza Connection 3 announced

The series returns after a very long break.

Publisher Assemble Entertainment has announced a new entry in the Pizza Connection series. The last game was released in October 2001, but next spring we're to return to the kitchen counter in order to make delicious pies once more.

The developer is Gentlymad, and they've offered us a taste via some screenshots and a teaser (not actual gameplay!). Check it out below.

There's few details to share yet, but the description on Gentlymad's website gives some hints as to what to expect in term of a campaign. Here you'll be faced with the challenge of starting as a pizza baker and work your way up to build the "world's most successful pizza chain".

Pizza Connection 3 is a PC game that will be released next spring for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

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Pizza Connection 3Pizza Connection 3
Pizza Connection 3
Pizza Connection 3

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