Incredibles 2

Pixar is considering a third Incredibles movie

It seems sequels will become the new norm so Disney can get more reliable profits from the studio.

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It seems that Disney is going to look for Pixar to create more sequels to get the studio back on track. Recently, we reported that the company had recently faced the most layoffs it had ever seen, with around 14% of the workforce losing their jobs.

Bloomberg reports that Pixar is looking to re-establish itself as the leading figure in computer animation storytelling. It is looking to its more successful IPs to do that, one of which being The Incredibles.

If Pixar is considering The Incredibles 3, then we'll likely still have a long time until we see it. It took us nearly 15 years to get a sequel to the original, so hopefully we won't have to wait as long. Pixar is also releasing another sequel this year in Inside Out 2, which has already drummed up a lot of attention.

Incredibles 2

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